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5.5oz Curls Whip Leave in Cond
5.5oz Trinity Dry Shampoo
5oz Blow Out Memory Foam
6.7oz Volumizing Mist JA23
6.8oz BondRX Conditioner MA23
6oz Awaken BlowDry Foam JF24
6oz Awaken Conditioner
6oz Awaken Masque
6oz Awaken Treatment
6oz Bassu Masque
6oz Curl Oil Gel MA23
6oz Curls Conditioner
6oz Curls Curl Masque
6oz Swirl Sea Salt Spray
6oz Trinity Bonding Masque
6oz Trinity Repair Tonic
6oz Violet Nourishing Masque
7oz Curls Smoothing Cream
7oz Pure Blonde Violet Cond
7oz Rose Conditioner
8.5oz AWG HydraSoft Cond JA23
8.5oz AWG HydraSoft Shamp JA23
8.5oz BondRX Shampoo MA23
8.5oz Cream Rinse JA23
8.5oz Nourishing Shampoo JA23
8.5oz Olaplex #4C Clarify Sham
8.8oz Awaken Mousse
8.8oz Curls Curl Mousse
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